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It was because of the heat -part 2- by janikol It was because of the heat -part 2- :iconjanikol:janikol 359 154
ReaderxCursed Doll! England-- I'll Help You Pt 1
Your friend Alfred was having a yard sale. You wanted to get some new decorations for your recently repainted and refurbished living room, so you decided to stop by and check it out. You found a few pillows that would look nice on your new couch, a nice little mirror you thought would fit well over the fireplace, and a beautiful wooden end table.
You were digging through some old blankets he had out when something fell out of one and onto the driveway. You set down your things and picked it up.
It was a little doll and it was in terrible condition. The pale fabric for the skin was dulled and dirty and stained with God only knows what. The yellow yarn that made up its hair was frayed, dulled so much that it almost looked brown, and most of it was missing. The black button that made up its left eye was chipped and the button that was its right eye was hanging loosely, only connected by an old, thin black thread. The red thread that was its mouth was half missing, and what was left sat cr
:iconmaniac19:maniac19 256 42
USUK 4ever love by HoneyHana USUK 4ever love :iconhoneyhana:HoneyHana 409 144
EnglandxReader ~ Only Fools Dance In The Rain
"Mpphhhmmm..." Mumbled Arthur as he began to wake up. His hand slowly grabbed the digital alarm clock that lay on his night table right next to his bed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and squinted to get a better look at the red numbers that flashed on the small and dark rectangular screen.
7:23 PM
"Ugh... must of fell asleep while folding the clothes..." He turned his head to the side and noticed an immense pile of unfolded clothes laying right next to him. He groaned and rubbed his face into the warm pillow.
"I don't want to get out of bed... it's so waaarm..." He wined. But then he remembered he had no choice to get out of his comfy nest of sheets since he had agreed with you earlier during the day that he was going to be the one cooking dinner tonight.
"Speaking of _________... Where in the world is that woman?" Seconds after he finished his sentence, a loud shriek was heard from outside. Arthur immediately recognized your voice. He threw the bed sheets off his body and
:iconsherlockedhazza:SherlockedHazza 269 109
EnglandxReader - Christmas Love
Staring out of the bedroom window, you saw the first few delicate drops of snow fall to the frozen ground below. A feeling of excitement passed through your body; you loved winter more than any other season during the year. You loved the snow, the snowball fights, the nights in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of tea or hot chocolate in your hands but more importantly, you loved the chilly time of year because you got to spend it with your best friend Arthur.
You had known Arthur since the two of you were kids. The moment you saw him, you wanted to be friends immediately, even though he was a bit reluctant at first due to his self-consciousness. Your small, awkward meeting blossomed into a fully-fledged friendship in a matter of weeks and it has stayed like that for several years. The only problem was, the pair of you went to different schools, which made it harder for you to see each other during the school year. That is why the Christmas season is a very substantial time for bot
:icondoubleox515:doubleox515 184 138
Sick!England x Reader - Bath Talk
You were greeted with the gentle, faint aroma of tea and roses once you opened the door to your English friend’s house, his spare key clutched in your hand as you peered inside.
There was nothing out of the ordinary; as usual, Arthur’s house was kept in wonderful condition, with everything clean and not a speck of dust in sight. Closing the door behind you, you quickly locked it and put the key away before sighing.
Arthur had called you earlier, requesting that you come over. He was bedridden at the moment, and he absolutely refused to bring over Alfred to take care of him since last time the American had tried to place a hamburger on his head as a way of curing him.
It was funny, yes, but Arthur had informed you that he’d rather not have ‘that greasy morsel’ – you were quoting his words – on his forehead.
“Arthur?” you called out softly, quietly climbing the stairs so you wouldn’t disturb the ill Englishman.
There was
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,574 328
England x Reader - The Pirate Act
 "Jeez, Britain! How come you're so lame nowadays, dude?"
 'Lame? I was the person who raised you, you bloody git! Show some respect!'
 "Ohonhonhon~ I agree with America, ma chérie! You're quite a softie now, non?"
 'Why you bloody frog!'
 Comments like these filled the meeting room, where the World Conference was supposed to be held; but of course, a meeting with the various countries practically spelled out 'trouble.' In every meeting, at least some sort of chaos ensued.
 Today's topic? England's apparent 'weakness' and 'lameness.'
 If it weren't for him being a gentleman, he would've immediately belted out every snappy thought that crossed his mind as comments about him were made; actually, he would've, gentleman or not. But, he had promised _____ to not get into any trouble, and he intended to keep that promise.
 Though, that was proving rather hard at the moment.
 As America and France teased him about
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 1,139 143
USUK - Rank and File by TechnoRanma USUK - Rank and File :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 1,748 157 Some Things are Beyond Forever by blulious Some Things are Beyond Forever :iconblulious:blulious 61 8 I'm Sorry by blulious I'm Sorry :iconblulious:blulious 305 72 Morning by blulious Morning :iconblulious:blulious 128 10
LovinoxReader The Secret Letter
“Bloody hell love, I told you not to call me that,” said Britain responded in irritation, though a smile resisted his attempt to be angry as he turned to face the (h/c) haired girl calling to him.
“Aw, but Artie,” you whined trying to pout, only to fail as a giggle escaped your lips and a happy smile graced your face. You couldn’t help but tease him, it was too much fun. Plus, there were very few people you could get away with teasing, and you took any chance given to do so. It was the only time you were able to turn the tables and poke fun at someone else instead of being at the receiving end of the joke.
Due to being easily defensive and emotional, it took very little to set you off and throw you into a bad mood or annoy you, which meant your friends took every chance possible to do just that, saying that watching you get worked up was priceless. You on the other hand, did not enjoy their incessant teasing. It doesn’t ta
:iconaplbunny:aplbunny 441 129
RomanoxReader- Dentists
(AN~ Romano so…….swearing.)
“Maru kaite chikyuu, maru kaite-”
You woke to the sound of your cell phone ringing. Groggily sitting up, you grabbed it and glanced at the screen.
It was one of your good friends, Feliciano Vargas……at five in the morning. You had a lot of trouble imagining the cheery Italian up so early, but you decided to answer it anyway.
“Ciao, bella! I was-a only gonna leave a message. Why’re you up so early?”
You felt your eye twitch. “I wasn’t awake until you called. Why are you up?”
“Kiku got me up for-a training at Ludwig’s request. But I didn’t-a call to complain about that. I need-a your help today.”
You hesitated a little. Last time you helped him you ended up with tomato sauce all over your face. “What exactly do you need help with?”
“Well, my fratello has a dentist appointment today, and he really hates-a go
:iconthewriterspectre:thewriterspectre 131 55
Chubby!EnglandXReader-Relaxation Nation
Arthur has been working long, hard nights at the office. He was already a thin man, but his body has become dangerously thin. His emerald green eyes have lost their luster. He desperately needs a vacation fast before he passes out from not taking care of himself.
His girlfriend, (Name), is worried for him. His 30 inch pants are now too big for him. She never really liked his thin body. There wasn't enough to grab onto. How she dreamed of an Arthur who was pudgy! She decided that making a cake would be the best way to help him get a few extra calories into his stomach. She went to his office and opened the door.
"Hello dear," he said with bags under his eyes, "what are you doing here?"
"I'm just here to give you something to eat with your tea," she said as she set the two things down on his desk. He gladly took the tea, but the cake sat there on the corner of his desk.
"I'm sorry love, but I'm not hungry right now. I have to get this paperwork done before morning," he said before signin
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 72 16
            (Name) had been good friends with Alfred for a long time. They were the perfect couple; if they actually had been together. He had a massive crush on her. Everything about her was perfect to him. (Name) loved Alfred very much, there was just one problem: Alfred was way too skinny for her tastes. She loved a big man. Her exes had run from anywhere between 250 and 375 pounds. Al had always wondered why he had been friend zoned, but never really knew why; until one day when he figured out her secret.
            "Do you like me? Like do you find my body attractive?" Alfred asked her before taking a big bite of his burger. They had gone out to eat for lunch.
            "I'm sorry, what did you say, Al? I wasn't paying attention," she said. He noticed tha
:iconzimantha87:zimantha87 109 25
Chubby!France X Reader: Two red Velvet Cupackes
You rushed down the street, feverishly looking for the bakery you had a job interview at. Baking had been a lifelong passion for you; ever since you could crack an egg and mix some batter, you had loved making sweets. Now that you are junior in high school, you had decided to see if you could get a part time job that involved your favorite confections. This shop had been the first one to respond to your application, eager to find a young (girl/boy) to man the counter. You hoped ‘manning the counter’ would lead to something more candied.
You spot a cozy red and blue bakery nestled between a flower shop and the stone gray wall of an apartment building. A smile pulled gingerly at your lips, if you could land this job you’d be in heaven. Taking a deep breath you pushed open the glass door, your heart melted at the sight of the most beautiful boy you have ever seen.
He had wavy golden locks that were almost shoulder length and gleaming blue eyes. His skin was pale and creamy,
:iconpostalcupcakes:Postalcupcakes 137 54

Newest Deviations

Just One Dance (BubblesXBoomer) (FINAL!)
That was probably the uptenth time Boomer had sighed that night. He and his brothers were recently invited to a ball; a ball in honor of the Power Puff Girls Z. He minded the irony. Or at least he wanted to mind it. But, honestly, he didn’t. And neither did his brothers. He knew of the fact; they did like their counterparts, after all. And, when he said like, he meant it just as it sounded. He didn’t know how it happened, or what triggered it; he just knew that the secound he laid his eyes on Bubbles, the sweet and bubbly Bubbles, he couldn’t look away.
She was like his angel,  his savior even. And he meant that quite literally. She saved him, probably knowing of his real identity but still saved him. She could’ve just left him there; he knew that and she probably did, as well. But, she didn’t. She picked him up when he fell, she was his light in the dark that was himself.
With another sigh, Boomer tapped his fingers across the fra
:iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 11 23
Just One Dance (Butchercup)
Why the Hell am I doing this, thought to herself one Kaoru Matsubara, a deep, annoyed frown plastered on her slightly tanned face. She was standing in a forgotten corner of the room, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed at her chest. She was feeling annoyed of herself; how could she have fallen for that trick? Yea, Sakuruu Daisuke was at the party, yet she didn't seem to be getting closer to him any time soon. Surrounded by crazy, squealing fangirls, the blonde, muscular man was laughing along with what 1 of the had said, his deep, green eyes covered with tan eyelids while his bulk arms were placed behind his back.
Kaoru let out another annoyed huff; whatever, she thought to herself, it's not like I must meet the guy...Even if he is my 2nd favourite wrestler, behind my dad. Her fists clenched at her sides and a scowl forming on her pale face, her eyes glared directly into Daisuke's skull.
Daisuke felt a shiver run down his body, his skull feeling like it was set a flare, murd
:iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 19 12
Just One Dance (Blossick)
Jazz. Jazz music every where. People were swaying to the cheerful beat, laughs and words exchanged as they danced. The atmosphere was, although it was supposed to be fairly formal, happy and cheerful. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling lit up the spacy room, a few candles standing proudly on the well-served tables. Chicken, turkey, duck, and just about every other animal flesh you could think of smelled wonderfully, heavenly desserts over-powering the juicy smell. And, in the midst of them, a tall, red-headed girl was stuffing her mouth full of the delicious treats.
Momoko, now 16 year old and going to high school, was far from the elementary school heroine she used to be. Though keeping her endless love for sweets, the girl wasn't nearly as boy crazy and fanciful she was, now keeping a clear head and firm hand.
Her elegant, ankle-lenght red dress was hugging her upper body, yet flowed beautifully as soon as it reached her thin waist. Black plumps with sashes going up her leg to h
:iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 39 4
Vivi-3d2Y by powerpuffgirlsZbuble Vivi-3d2Y :iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 1 35 Between the Wind by powerpuffgirlsZbuble Between the Wind :iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 2 12 Wanted! WIP by powerpuffgirlsZbuble Wanted! WIP :iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 4 8
At The Human Auction (Chapter 1)
''Bring the next one in!'' a man, around his early 30 said. He had shoulder length chocolate brownhair and dark black eyes.
''Right away!'' another man said and walked towards a cell. Apparently, they were somewhere very low, where light couldn't reach. Not a single Sunray was seen and everything would have been pitch black if it wasn't for some candles, that lit the room up slightly.
The man unlocked the cell door and started walking towards a dark silhouette. A girl opened 1 of her icy blue eyes and closed it back immediately, because she didn't want to look at 1 of those 'hot-headed idiots' as she was calling them in secret. The man grabbed the blue-eyed girl under her shoulder, making her get up. He roughly dragged her into the illuminated part of the room, making her groan under her breath. Even though she was badly injured already, he just had to make it worse didn't he? The girl had cuts and bruises covering every part of her skin, di
:iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 2 4
Under The Mistletoe
*Under the mistletoe*
*Bubbles's P.O.V*
I was sitting home alone,sipping some hot coco while I waited for my sisters to come back. You see, they went to the movies to watch a horror movie but I wasn't realy brave enough to go so I decided to stay home. Bad choice!
''Great! I'm alone on christmas....'' I said to myself before sighing. Then, I slowly got up from the comftorable sofa I was laying on and went to the kitchen to pour some more hot coco into my mug.But just then, the doorbell rung.
' Huh? Who might that be? I mean, my sister don't usualy ring the doorbell and I'm not expecting any guests either.....'
Slowly, I tip-toed to the door and took a peek out of the glass on our door.
As soon as I saw who it was, I gasped and opened the door.
''Boomer? What are you doing here?'' I asked him curiusly but secretly, I was happy because I won't be lonely with Boomer here!
Boomer looked from his feet to meet my eyes, half of his face was covered with his royal blue scarf but I could still
:iconpowerpuffgirlszbuble:powerpuffgirlsZbuble 38 35



powerpuffgirlsZbuble's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello, all of you! *waves* Um, there's not a lot to say about me, just that I draw, and write for fun, so I know that my drawing/stories won't be the best, but I just hope they are to your liking! :iconlaughingplz: I also exist on another site, and, of course, in the real world! *laughs* Here it is!


I uploaded some stories I have not there, so be free to check it out~! Emerald, in and out!
Tagged by: :iconthe-ocean-sings:

Wow, it sure has been a while, guys...Sorry about that, I kinda forgot this site even exists for a while. ^^; I've been writing a lot, you see. Not sure if I'll post any of those stories on here but if I will, here's a quick question for you guys; What's your opinion on Shounen Ai? Have you ever heard of Hetalia before?

1. Pick a fictional character to hang out with for the day and describe where you go and what you do. 

Uhh, this one's tough...Maybe, ummm, Izumi from Love Stage? It's an Anime I've recently became kinda obsessed with. Well, not obsessed exactly, that's Hetalia, but I've been watching it alot.
I'd go to lots of places with him; Maybe for a coffee or tea in a Cafe and we'd chat a bit, bond over Anime (he's a huge Otaku) then we'd go to Cosplay Shops to look at thestuff they sell, strike poses in the ouffits and such. We'd probably go to a convention too, dress up as our favourite characters and enjoy being mayor Otakus. :P Yeah, hanging out with him would rock; he's such a fanboy~

2. Of all the starter Pokemon, which would you pick and why?

To tell you the truth, I'm not really fammiliar with Pokemon, so I'm gonna say Pikachu simply because he's the only Pokemon I know the name of. ^^; Sorry, guys.

3. What do you do when you can't fall asleep?

Oooh, that's an easy one; I think. I keep thinking about new ideas for stories, sometimes write them out too! :D As you can see, I LOVE to write. (Wow, shocker, I know. :D)

4. Describe a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in your life. 

I can't say I understand this question...

5. Which Deviants would you invite to a sleepover?

Another easy one! I'd definetly invite; :iconthe-ocean-sings: :iconkaterinaaqu: and :iconblackdragonofthemoon: You guys all rock and don't forget it~

6. What superpower would you 
least like to have?

Superpower. 'Nuff said. I don't want to break someone's bones by hugging them or send them to the hospital by pushing them lightly.

Okay, so here comes the hard part...Questions:

1.) What inspires you guys? (I know, LAAAMEE question)
2.) Imagine yourself dating your favourite male character. Now, descriebe where you think you'd go with him. Will it work out? is there goonna be another date?
3.) Have you ever heard of the Omega/Alpha/Beta universe (or however I'm supposed to call it)? If yes, which one of the three do you think you'll be and why?
4.) Here's another stupid question...Have you ever played an Otome (Dating) game?
5.) Who's your best friend here on Deviant? (You get a cookie if you say me~ :D Nah, joking, joking. Or am I?)

Ok, I've asked my (lame) questions. Now it's time for you to answer them: :iconluvluvmatchmakergirl: and :iconnattislovemanga:



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